Painters, sculptor,

opera singer, pianist

15 days of festival

19 april au 28 april 2018


Two exibitions


Dominiques Prévots

Group exibition:

 Balkan countries


Biliana Bachvarova


Evrim Özeskici


Pandora Apostoloska

Saso Sazdovski




Costin Brateanu

French artists


Dominique Prévots

Florence Mégardon

Stéphane Le Mouël

Vincent Rivière

Sylvie Martinelli

Jacques Turner


Artistic director

Delphine Manet

Coordinator for Balkan countries

Costin Brateanu


 performance art

Art Installation in the garden

Exibition of children's drawings


With the collaboration

"Atelier d'Art de Vichy"


Dominique Prévots

I was born in Normandy, in the face of Honfleur, city of archetypal Art. It is maybe this closeness which will suggest me one day, to take another way, free me and to let my spirit guide my hand on the canvas


Studies of Fine arts in Nantes allowed me to acquire the "classic" knowledge of the Pictorial Art. This learning essential to master the techniques of the drawing and the painting, also developed my sense of observation, reflection, interpretation. However, I became aware that this way would not lead me towards a mode of expression which is the reflection of my own personality.


I wished to begin an artistic research which would lead me towards the creation of my own writing. The starting point of this research can be summed up in one question: " a pictorial work is capable of translating the thought of the one who stages it? "


The answer to this question, I find it in the implementation of a process which consists in giving a representation embellished with images in an intellectual progress. No by the representation of a scene, the abstraction of an object or a composition, but by the direction of a relation between colors and feelings; by opposition to the process of abstraction which leads to isolate by the thought the qualities of an object, a being, a landscape, to produce an intellectual representation.


Colors mix, become muddled, merge the some with the others, until concretize on the canvas the link which leads the thought towards the gesture. The harmony of colors, it is the harmony of the thought, the serenity of the look that creates the link between the painter and the spectator when he carries it on the canvas.


The material as for her gives of the relief to the imagination, it questions by its only presence in the middle of the nuances, it is there only to remind the real world, our world.


The motive is not essential, the color and the material are enough for the interpretation.


I make up, such the musician improvising a melody with for only partition the colors that inspire me an idea, an event, a reflection, a real-life moment. I become sometimes a conductor, sometimes director, I make play colors until I congeal the scenario to immortalize the major moment of the play which I write.


To go to meet the public is a need. Through each of my works, I want to arouse the dialogue, the interrogation, the reflection, to tempt the public to go beyond what the eyes perceive, to make the way the other way around, to unsettle the mechanics of the visual representation, until disregard it and retain only the emotion which appears from it.

Directrice artistique:
Delphine Manet

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