The purpose of the association, in this project, is the research for the cultural diversity highlighted by the arts. The image not needing words to affect the spectator, the artists are then boatmen of dreams.
The work is a presence felt differently by each. She can be the cause of an esthetic shock.
No difference, each in the face of felt sound is alone, unique. But the burst of enthusiasm in front of Beautiful which the person receives in his(her) being and its spirit, shoot in the enjoyment, in the sharing. The artistic emotion is then a universal common factor between civilizations, human beings.
The association tries to multiply the opportunities to know and recognize the Beautiful in the field of the arts, for a public being still in not the habit of seeing frequently museums, galleries and exhibitions.
The artists become then links between the differences (cultures, social levels, ages). They are pretexts with exchanges, with communications (with words or with movements, smiles). They are detonators which push the public to an active, contemplative, cultural, personal participation.
How's it going?
About fifteen artists are invited to lead a research project, of creation and production during a dozen days. A theme is defined every year in connection with our population center, our region. The artists are representatives of their countries and their cultures. They carry in their works all this difference which becomes source of creation, food and discovery for the other artists as well as for the public.
Having become soaked with our region by visits, the artists can so make discover to the population their visions of our population center.
Le functionning :
The expenses of accommodations and food, the cultural exits are taken care by the welcoming structure, (with the travels by mini bus) and the material of paint or material being of use to the creation.
The creator sees itself so released temporarily from any material constraints of the common(current) life and can so create calmly.
In return of the welcome, a jury will select 3 works to each of the artists. This bottom will come to enlarge, every year, the collection put at the disposal of the school and the people distant from the culture.

The artists, if they wish, have the possibility of selling productions and of making internships(training courses)..


You wish to participate

You will have to supply:

- CV

- Artistic approach

- About ten recent photos of your production

- Site


Attention the number of artists is not fixed.

10 to 15 artists can be held(retained).

Every file(case) will be examined by a jury. Only he will be sovereign as for the choice of the selected artists.

After examination and selection of your file(case) a regulation(payment) and an invitation will be sent to you.

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Sculptor, painter, graphist, photographer.....


Directrice artistique:
Delphine Manet

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